Welcome to the Thibodeaux lab at McGill University.  Our group aims to combat the emerging threat of drug resistant bacterial infections through several distinct experimental approaches.  Our research interests are strongly rooted in a desire to understand the basic biological and chemical principles that govern the biosynthesis of antimicrobial natural products and that enable bacteria to resist the effects of antibiotic treatment.  We then apply this mechanistic understanding to rationally manipulate biological systems in a variety of contexts.  Our research employs a diverse experimental tool kit that encompasses classical molecular genetics and mechanistic enzymology methods, as well as powerful emerging bioanalytical, biophysical, bioinformatic, and chemical biology approaches.  As such, our group provides excellent training for students and postdocs interested in careers in academic research, private industry, or medicine.  Please take some time to explore our web site and to contact us if you find our work as interesting as we do.